Ecocut Concrete Cutting 
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Signature Services Include

✓   from fresh laid to heritage
✓   open access to confined spaces
✓   grinding things off to drilling things in

The Ecocut Team is experienced, professional, and ready to go!

Ecocut’s list of Concrete Cutting and Expansion Joint (Soff Cutting) services is extensive and covers all of your concrete related construction and demolition needs.

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New slab concrete cutting and concrete drilling services

New slab concrete cutting and concrete drilling services

  • Used primarily for placement of piping for electrical wiring and / or drainage purposes.

Renovation project services

  • Concrete grinding, cutting, or drilling as needed on existing concrete. Using our extensive experience to ensure minimal chipping and maintain the integrity of the original concrete slab.

Floor and road concrete sawing and cutting services

  • Our industrial concrete cutting machines will slice through your floors like a hot knife through butter. Applicable to all flat, horizontal surfaces up to 400mm in depth including: roads, car parks, sidewalks, factory floors, shop floors, sporting courts, and more.

Concrete wall and ceiling sawing

  • Using a specialist track mounted machine that can climb walls and cut ceilings, this process can be used to cut-in everything from small openings to full wall removal.

Concrete hand sawing / cutting

  • For those jobs that require more precision or access is limited, we like to think of our team as concrete artists. Using handheld equipment, hand sawing can be used for depths up to 150mm in a much wider range of situations than floor and road sawing.

    Ring sawing extends to depths of up to 270mm.

Confined space concrete cutting

  • Ecocut own and professionally operate high frequency prime cutting equipment for use in confined spaces. This equipment is fume less and runs on 3 phase power, providing both maximum safety and efficiency.

Soff-Cutting / Expansion joint cutting

  • Also known as early entry sawing, soff cutting or expansion joint cutting is done while freshly laid concrete still has a level of softness. Typically done within the first 2 – 6 hours of the finished concrete pour, soff cutting / expansion joint cutting assists in preventing random cracking and allows space for the concrete to expand.

Core drilling

  • The creation of a circular concrete ‘core’ facilitates openings most commonly used for pipes, electrical wires and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning vents, fibre optics, telephone lines and computer lines.

Concrete grinding and sealing

  • For general concrete, floors, trip hazards, and to remove caked on old paint or sealants. Services can include the new application of industrial grade concrete sealant, or just the initial concrete grinding.

Concrete slab removal preparation & slab removal

  • Break-up of concrete slabs and safe, full, legal removal and disposal of concrete from site. Strict adherence to all council by-laws regarding construction waste disposal.

    We can also supply pattern cutting around pools and decorative surfaces for footpaths.

  • Ecocut use Husqvarna FS 4800 D Roadsaw
  • Ecocut Concrete Expansion Joint
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna Handsaw K 1270
  • Ecocut_102433662_Preview
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna PG 820 RC Floor Grinder
  • Ecocut Concrete Grinding Services
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna PG 450 Floor Grinder
  • Ecocut Concrete Grinding
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna WS 220 Wallsaw
  • Ecocut Fleet 2015
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna FS 3500G Roadsaw
  • Ecocut Concrete Building Slabs Install
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna K 3000 Wet Electric Handsaw
  • Ecocut Concrete Footpath
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000 for Expansion Joint
  • Ecocut Concrete Expansion Joint
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna S 26 Dust Vacuum
  • Ecocut_102433662_Preview
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna PG 450 Floor Grinder
  • Ecocut Concrete Drilling
  • Ecocut use Husqvarna FS 3500G Roadsaw
  • Ecocut Concrete Floor Polishing

Ecocut Concrete Cutting
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Ecocut Concrete Cutting & Drilling Slurry Waste Removal

On all jobs, Ecocut Concrete Cutting provide professional clean-up including slurry removal. This ensures no construction waste products end up down the drains and into our waterways. Councils have strict protocols regarding this issue and fines of over $12,000 can result if waste removal and clean-up procedures are not followed properly. Don’t risk this added expense – employ professionals who properly clean up the mess!

Ecocut Expansion Joint & Concrete Cutting Are Equipped for the Task

All Ecocut Concrete Cutting staff have their Construction Blue Card and Concrete Hand Saw Tickets and participate in all on-site clients Company Inductions and Pre-start Safety Inductions. In addition, all senior Ecocut staff have Working at Heights and Working in Confined Spaces Certificates and Forklift Tickets – Verification of Current Competency (VOCC).

Located in Caboolture and the Moreton Bay Region, Ecocut Concrete Cutting is a mobile service and provides concrete cutting, sawing and drilling services for large commercial projects through to larger private householders across North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and South-East Queensland.